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  1. Love Is a Mystery
  2. New  York City  Girl
  3. you are my heart you are my soul
  4.  Ten Seconds to Countdown
  5. Doctor  For My Heart
  6. Heaven Will Know
  7. Higher Than Heaven
  8.  Ten Thousand Lonely Drums
  9. Sweet Little Sheila
  10.  Atlantic is calling1995
  11.  Cry For You
  12.  For Always And Ever
  13.  In Shaire
  14. Just Close Your Eyes
  15.  Love Is Like A Rainbow
  16.  Marya
  17.  Monalisa
  18.  Only Love Can Break My Heart
  19.  Rain In My Heart
  20.  The Night Is Yours The Night Is Mine
  21. You and me
  22. Love Is Forever
  23. Dont take away my heart
  24. When The Sky Rained Fire 
  25. The Angels Sing In New York City
  26. We Are The Children Of The World 
  27. Fly to the moon
  28. heart of an angel
  29. Who will save teh world
  30. Flight for the right of love
  31. I need you
  32. 3xy 3xy lover
  33. 3xy 3xy lover_Extended Rap Version
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